‘FETO’ Hate Speech

*APRIL 2023 – Solidarity With Others

The term “Fetö” has been widely used as a form of hate speech to target members of the Gülen Movement and individuals associated with them. This expression has been used to symbolize and denigrate members of the Gülen Movement, portraying them as enemies of the state or terrorists without providing evidence or due process.

It has been utilized to justify discriminatory practices, including arbitrary arrests, detentions, and dismissals, based solely on perceived affiliation with the movement. Furthermore, “Fetö” has been used to spread misinformation, conspiracy theories, and baseless rumors that fuel prejudice and hostility against the Gülen Movement. This expression has been employed to legitimize human rights abuses, confiscation of assets, closure of institutions, and restriction of freedoms, thereby undermining fundamental human rights.

It has also fostered societal divisions, promoted intolerance, and led to social ostracism, harassment, and violence against individuals associated with the movement and their families.

Additionally, “Fetö” has been used to silence dissent, erode the rule of law, justify restrictions on freedom of the press and media, and perpetuate a culture of impunity for hate crimes and violence. This report examines the reasons why “Fetö” constitutes hate speech, based on the numerous ways it has been used to incite discrimination, violence, fear, prejudice, and hostility towards members of the Gülen Movement, and its impact on human rights, social cohesion, and democratic principles.

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