Tamer Korkmaz’s Statement

Incident Information 

Date of Incident: June 14, 2023

Location of Incident: Turkey

Identifying information of Perpetrator(s) Tamer Korkmaz, columnist for the pro-government Yeni Safak newspaper

Source: https://www.yenisafak.com/yazarlar/tamer-korkmaz/dis-hatlar-yolcusu-kalmasin-4538240 

Hate Speech Analysis

Transcription of the hate speech statement: “Fetullahist traitors like Akın İpek”, “Jemre Colonel (referring to Cemre Birand), who patronizes Fetullahist traitors and attempts to portray them as ‘innocent and victimized’, must still be on special duty in NATO!”

Target group(s) of the hate speech: The hate speech is directed against individuals who are alleged to be members of the Gülen movement, specifically Akın İpek and Cemre Birand.

Justification of the hate speech: There is no justification for hate speech. Hate speech is generally rooted in prejudice, intolerance, and a desire to demean or harm individuals based on their perceived affiliation, characteristics, or beliefs.

Analysis of the hate speech statement: Tamer Korkmaz’s hate speech statement consists of derogatory language and labels aimed at individuals alleged to be associated with the Gülen movement. By referring to Akın İpek as a “Fetullahist traitor,” Korkmaz seeks to discredit and vilify him. This label is particularly inflammatory as the Turkish government has declared the Gülen movement a terrorist organization, thus associating anyone linked to it with treason. Additionally, Korkmaz uses the term “Jemre Colonel” to refer to Cemre Birand, suggesting a distorted and mocking version of her name. This conveys a disrespectful and derogatory tone towards her. Furthermore, Korkmaz accuses Cemre Birand of “patronizing Fetullahist traitors” and attempting to portray them as “innocent and victimized.” Moreover, Korkmaz attempts to delegitimize Cemre Birand by claiming she is still on special duty in NATO, insinuating that she is acting as a pawn for foreign powers. This false association aims to paint Birand as untrustworthy and disloyal to Turkey. The hate speech statement takes advantage of the Turkish government’s strong stance against the Gülen movement, using inflammatory language and false accusations to demean and marginalize individuals connected to it. By employing derogatory labels and insinuating conspiratorial narratives, Korkmaz seeks to create a negative perception of these individuals, fostering an environment of animosity and division.

Contextual information: The columnist, Tamer Korkmaz, writes for the pro-government Yeni Safak newspaper. The Turkish government is cracking down on the Gülen movement, considering it a terrorist organization and blaming it unjustly for the attempted coup in 2016. This context contributes to the use of hate speech and the demonization of individuals associated with the movement.

Impact of the statement: Hate speech can have a profound impact on the targeted individuals and the broader community. It perpetuates discrimination, fosters division, and can incite hatred and violence. The use of derogatory labels and false accusations may harm the reputation and well-being of those targeted. It also contributes to an environment of fear and intolerance, limiting freedom of expression and promoting further polarization.


Tamer Korkmaz’s column in the pro-government Yeni Safak newspaper contains hate speech targeting individuals alleged to be associated with the Gülen movement. By labeling them as “Fetullahist traitors” and making false claims about their affiliations, the author seeks to demean and discredit them. Hate speech contributes to an environment of intolerance and discrimination, and it is important to address such incidents to promote respect, understanding, and a culture of inclusivity.