Hate Speech of the Erdoğan Regime: “FETO”

*BRUSSELS 2023 – Solidarity with Others

Hate Speech of The Erdogan Regime: “Fetö(!)” is the result of a need to analyse the discourse which has been adopted by the Turkish Government as part of a witch hunt it has been waging against the Gülen Movement. For nearly ten years, the Turkish government’s discourse has been fuelling various hate crimes across the country as well as an unprecedented witch hunt.

The political power who is behind the said discourse have, through the media and bureaucracy, has put all its efforts to communicate the said hate speech to the public at large. In order to able to spread the hate speech to the capillaries of the society, the government and its components have coded whatever negative content they could obtain and put them out in the public sphere.

The current dynamics in Turkey and the eagerness on the part of the Erdogan Regime indicate that this discourse is likely to continue at least for some time. It is inevitable, however, that despite being repeated thousands of times, the words of hate will eventually lose their strength just like post-it notes peeling off of a wall.

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