Hasan Sami Özvarinli’s Statement

Incident Information 

Date of Incident: April 19, 2023

Location of Incident: Turkey

Identifying information of Perpetrator(s) Hasan Sami Özvarinli, former advisor to Meral Akşener and Sabah Daily, pro-government newspaper.

Source: https://twitter.com/TCAytunCiray/status/1645718866293555201?s=20 

Hate Speech Analysis

Transcription of the hate speech statement: ” “FETÖ statement by Meral Akşener’s former advisor Hasan Sami Özvarinli: You cannot enter Akşener’s room without the permission of the FETÖ member at her door. Akşener’s chief adviser is a FETÖ member and he meets with FETÖ members wherever he goes. They want to drive nationalists out of the party.”

Target group(s) of the hate speech: The target of the hate speech is individuals alleged to be members of the Gülen movement.

Justification of the hate speech: Hasan Sami Özvarinli may have used FETÖ hate speech as a political tool to eliminate his rivals in his party ahead of the upcoming elections. However, such tactics are unethical and unacceptable and contribute to polarization, discrimination and social division. Accusing individuals of belonging to certain groups without evidence can lead to stigmatization and harm to innocent people.

Analysis of the hate speech statement: Hasan Sami Özvarinli’s hate speech statement makes several unfounded accusations against individuals who are alleged to be members of the Gülen movement. He claims that they have infiltrated Meral Akşener’s political party and are trying to oust nationalists. However, there is no evidence to support these claims. Furthermore, the statement attempts to paint all members of the Gülen movement with a broad brush, a common tactic used in hate speech to dehumanize and marginalize a particular group. 

Contextual information: The use of hate speech has become increasingly common in Turkish politics, especially during election seasons. The Gülen movement has been a frequent target of hate speech in recent years. 

Impact of the statement: Statements such as these can contribute to the stigmatization and marginalization of individuals perceived to be members of the Gulen movement. This can lead to discrimination and harassment, and may even put the safety of these individuals at risk. 


The use of hate speech in Turkish politics, particularly against individuals perceived to be members of the Gülen movement, is a worrying trend. It is important to speak out against hate speech and work towards creating a more inclusive and equitable political environment for all individuals, regardless of their background or beliefs.